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the creator & the creation

Hello there! My name is Carolina and I am the creator of linaliva.

My first jobs were in retail - the very first one, when I was 17 years old, was as a stock clerk for a clothing store. Later I became a salesperson and did that for a few years. I've always had a love for fashion, especially for items that are somehow out of the ordinary.

Working in clothing stores provided me with an insider view of what happens behind the scenes - what you don't see at the storefront. The truth is, for financial reasons, clothes are produced in very large numbers. However, when a clothing item is designed, the brand cannot be sure how popular it will become. Some items sell out fast, others just stay behind, laying around in the warehouse. Once the season is about to end, there is a sale. Everything that didn't sell becomes trash, making way for a new collection

Trust me, it is a lot of trash.

I studied environmental engineering for 3 years because I have always been passionate about climate change, pollution and waste. I ended up not being cut out to be an environmental engineer, but rather, an artist. These issues, however, did remain close to my heart. I was raised in a tropical city, with amazing nature and fascinating animal life. I was raised close to the sea. Seeing trash sometimes floating among the waves always made me sad, thinking about all that trash that ends up in our oceans. I wanted to protect our planet's greatest treasures as much as I could.

The problem with most brands of more "exclusive" clothing - the stuff that is not mass produced - is that they are too expensive for the vast majority of people. I myself could only afford to shop at affordable fast fashion stores for most my life. I wanted to create a brand that represented the best of both worlds: no mass production, no waste, worldwide availability but reducing long distance shipping, exclusive items, and keeping the prices as affordable as possible. I also dreamt of starting my own business and finding a new way of expressing myself artistically.

This is how this brand was created.


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