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data protection

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Protecting your privacy is very important to us. We only use your data to improve your experience in our shop and to process your orders to ensure the best possible service for you. We do our best to only collect data that we really need.

This privacy policy covers, all subdomains and related services. Here you will find information about how and why we use your data. You are free to choose what information you provide to us when filling out our purchase forms, but skipping essential information (such as name/address) may result in our not being able to complete the transaction.

What data we collect and why:

Your name: In order to place an order at, we need your name. We use it to create an invoice for your purchase, which we are required by law to do. If you order for yourself, your name will also be used for postal services.

Name for delivery: If you are ordering for someone else, we will also need their name for packaging and delivery as provided by you.

Your full address (for payment): We need your address to issue invoices, as required by law

Delivery address: We need to know where to deliver

Your telephone number: Depending on the delivery location, we use different delivery service providers. Many delivery services require a phone number to contact you to arrange a delivery appointment and/or to contact you if there are delays or problems getting to you. If you are purchasing a product that is being delivered for someone else, we will store their phone number (as provided to us). If you have chosen not to provide us with your phone number, your product will still be shipped, but potential delivery issues may not be as easily resolved.

Your e-mail address: We would like to keep you informed about your order processing and the delivery status and need your e-mail address for this. Don't worry, there is no spam involved. We will not send you newsletters or promotional emails unless you specifically ask us to do so by subscribing to our newsletter and sales alerts.

Your location: If you choose to share your location with us (this is defined in your browser settings, often under "Share my location" or "Grant access to my location"), we will use your location to direct you to the correct one version of our site so you can see everything in your language and currency. You can change the language and location settings at any time. If you do not want to share your location, you can disable this feature in your browser settings. Currently our site is available in English and German - Portuguese will follow soon.

Your order history: We need to keep this information for a while so we can process refunds or returns for faulty items (although this most likely won't happen!). We also have to in order to comply with our Terms of Service and to offer you the best possible experience.

Your contact history with us: If you send us an email or message via social media to report problems with your delivery/purchased products, we save this message so that we can refer to it later and find the best possible solution for you.

Your payment information and our transaction history: We are required by law to keep records of all our financial transactions with you and the payment method used for billing and tax purposes, but don't worry - we don't store your card's security code!

Information about the phone/laptop/device used to access our website: The best websites are responsive. This means that we adapt the look and functions of our website to the screen size used so that you can see everything easily and have the best user experience. We also store your IP address (you can avoid this by surfing in "incognito" mode or similar in your browser) so that we can remember you. This is useful, for example, if you left something in your shopping cart and come back later to complete the purchase.

Social Media: If you tag us or share one of our products on social media, we may ask your permission to share it on our own social media accounts. Depending on how we share this post (e.g. Instagram Stories), your username may be visible. We only do this with your permission.

Fraud Prevention/Detection: All of the above information is also used by us to prevent and detect fraud in all of our transactions with our customers. This is done to protect both you as a customer and our Services, as required by law.

Our website is hosted by Shopify. Shopify's privacy policy can be found here .

Sharing: what information do we share with third parties and why?

We like to build and maintain a trusting relationship with our customers. That means:

• We will never share your information with third parties unless this is absolutely necessary to fulfill your order

• We will never sell your personal information - such as your name, e-mail address, address, credit card or PayPal account - to third parties.

As mentioned above, we need to share some of your information with third parties in order to fulfill your orders. These third parties are listed here:

• Delivery Company: We do not personally deliver our products, so we must share with the delivery company the name, address and delivery phone number provided to us for delivery. This is the only way our product gets to you.

• Partner Brands: We sell some products that are not linaliva branded or manufactured by us. These will be sent directly to you by one of our partners. You can check the brand of each product on each product page. If it says something other than "Brand: linaliva" and you decide to purchase this product, we will send your shipping information to that partner to fulfill your order.

• Payment Services: Our website is powered by Shopify and we use Shopify Payments to process our transaction with you. You canclick here to read their terms of use andclick here to view their privacy policy .

• Manufacturing companies/Suppliers: As stated in our values, we do not believe in unnecessary mass production as this inevitably creates waste and increases our carbon footprint. This means that every order is made especially for you by one of our (trusted!) manufacturing partners around the world and then shipped directly to you, reducing both shipping times and our carbon footprint. In order to produce your order and send it directly to you, the production partners responsible for your order need your order information as well as a delivery name and a shipping address. They do not have access to other information that you provide to us. If you want to know more, you can contact us.